Fact or Fiction?

The truth behind popular health and fitness myths

First up basically anything the Kardashian family has endorsed is not a valid health or fitness plan. Cutting all carbs? Working out in Sauna Suits, the FitTea, and come on those waist trainers they’re all always running around in, or drinking ghee in the morning (hello thats just fat) or wrapping your body up like a sausage in a wrap… Just no. You guys are better than to believe in that. They’re gimmicks. They are not legitimate health or fitness techniques or in any way conducive to creating a sustainable healthy and fit lifestyle. Lets move on.

Next granola. I know I’ve touched on this before but granola just totally irks me. I apparently have a lot of grievances against it. The issue with granola is that it pretends to be healthy. Its all, “Oh you had yogurt and half a cup of granola for breakfast? Gold star for you!” Except with the exception of a few brands, shout out to Simply Elizabeth granola, its not all that good for you. I get it, I really do, granola is delicious, you pound a bowl patting yourself on the back for your healthy breakfast choices and then look at the bag and realize you just consumed the sugar equivalent of a cookie or two. It’s such treachery. So just beware of all those seemingly “health foods” and be sure to check the label…

Third, weight training will make girls bulky. I feel like we have come around on this some in resent years as more and more girls conquer the weight room, but lets break this one down. Lifting weights increases one’s muscle mass, that’s true, however the more lean muscle mass we have, the more our metabolism works and the more calories we burn, even when we are just sitting around, our resting basal metabolism is way higher. So unless you’re shooting up some testosterone as a pre-workout snack, it’s unlikely weight training is going to make girls look like the hulk.

Fourth, carbs are the devil. No they are not. Lets get some perspective here. Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient for our bodies. They supply the energy we need to go out and slay our day. But that being said there are actually two kinds of carbs, simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs are the refined and processed breads and baked goods that we tend to picture when thinking of carbs, but complex carbs are a necessity, fruits are a carb and so are many other essential foods! Furthermore our bodies need carbs after a workout in order to replenish our glycogen stores that we just incinerated during that workout. So well all carbs are not created equal, they should never be totally eliminated.

Next, the scale. They’re has been a huge movement to screw the scale and that’s awesome. Remember you are not a number and that number does not define your worth. While it’s discouraging to work hard, eat right and not see the number drop, or instead go up, remember muscle weighs more than fat! What’s more BMI our body mass index is not the end all be all. BMI classifies you into a weight category (underweight/average/overweight/obese) based on your height and weight, but again, it doesn’t account for muscle! Because I’m only 5’00ft and I’ve always had solid muscles, according to BMI I’m considered overweight. So yeah, take all these so-called “measurements” with a grain of salt.

And finally, this one is a little different, but there’s a belief that people who live the health and fitness lifestyle all have great abs all day and never eat doughnuts and are obsessed with kale. While some people do live this way, and that’s they’re choice, the majority of fitness and health lovers don’t enslaves themselves to this restricted lifestyle. We don’t rock abs all day, we do enjoy an occasional treat, or okay twelve, but the point is it’s really important to create a LIFESTYLE that is sustainable and what’s more enjoyable for yourself rather than limiting your life by your desires to have a flawless toned bod. You’re a human, what good is that killer bod doing if it’s tucked in bed by 9 o’clock Friday night getting plenty of sleep…

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